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How will I know which band/orchestra/choir/musical theater/jazz ensemble I’m in?

Placement auditions are held on the first day of camp after you check in, and you will be notified of your assigned ensemble later that evening. Your placement audition will place you with others who are at a similar experience level.

Each auditioner considers musical skill, technical skill, number of years playing your instrument, age/grade, and type of instruction and/or performance experience you’ve had on your instrument (school ensembles, private lessons, honors ensembles, community engagement performances, etc.)

We ask campers to trust that our skilled educators have made the best decision based on what they heard in your audition. Our campers have a wide range of experiences, and whether you’ve been playing for a short time or a long time, there is a place for you at Summer Music Clinic.

Do I have to send in an audition recording?

No. You will audition for placement on the first day of camp after you register.

How am I placed into group lessons?

You will be matched with others based on what our auditioners hear in the audition. Our teachers are better able to construct their approach to group teaching when the musicians are at a similar skill level.

Which dormitory will I stay in? Are boys and girls in the same dormitory?

Campers will be housed in Ogg Hall which has floors and floor wings designated by male and female in addition to a gender neutral wing. Students can opt for the gender neutral wing when they register.

How can I room with my friend?

You need to list your friend’s name on your registration and your friend needs to list your name in their registration. Make sure that both you and the person you want to be your roommate request each other! We run a list of pairings from our computer on the day we do housing and need to be able to match the requests from both halves of the requesting pair for it to work.

Do I have to know someone ahead of time to be my roommate?

No. Many of our students connect with their roommates and floor mates for the first time at camp. Our counselors are on hand as you check in to help you feel comfortable and to help you get to know people. We’ll pair you with someone who is in the same grade as you are.

What happens if I have to cancel?

You have until May 15, 2020, to cancel with a full refund minus the $50 processing fee. Learn more about the refund policy.

Which camp should I sign up for?

If you are completing grades 6, 7, or 8 in 2020, you will participate in the Junior Session: June 21-27, 2020. (There is a commuter-only option for 5th graders.) If you are completing grades 9, 10, 11, or 12 in 2020, you will participate in the Senior Session: June 28-July 3, 2020.

I’m just finishing my senior year of high school. Can I still attend Summer Music Clinic?

Yes. We have approximately 50 students each year who have completed their senior year.

A Summer Music Clinic junior and his saxophone.