Jr Session (Grades 6‑8)

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Young male cello player

June 16-22, 2019

Junior Session is for students completing grades 6-8. Students completing grade 5 may attend as a commuter.

The week culminates in performances by all the performing ensembles on Saturday, June 22, 2019, beginning at 9am in various spaces on campus. Details will be sent out prior to the date, and friends and family are welcome to attend.

Registration for 2019 is now closed.

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Class Offerings

Band, Orchestra, or Choir

Each student chooses one of these as their main performance area and attends rehearsals twice daily.


Polish music rehearsed in the major performing ensembles through these small group learning opportunities. Students will be grouped by similar instruments (winds, brass, strings, percussion, etc.) or similar voice range.

Instrument or Voice Group Lessons

Educators work with specific instrument and voice groups (flutes, clarinets, trumpets, etc.) to give practical advice on technique, tone, warmups, and style.


Singers may choose from these two classes:

Notes and Beyond – This highly interactive class will feature several essential skills and techniques needed for any voice student. Work on sight singing, ear training, interval recognition, and more through games and activities. Your technique work has never been this fun!


Songwriting – You’ve sung so many songs, but have you tried writing your own? Whether you’ve composed before or not, this class will help you craft lyrics and melodies and give life to that song inside you.




Instrumentalists may choose from these two classes:

Choir for Instrumentalists – Sing in a choir as part of your daily schedule and gain the benefits that singing can provide for you as an instrumentalist. Share what you’ve learned in a performance at the end of the camp week on Friday evening.


Music in Animation – Music for animation is as influential and varied as the shorts and features it accompanies. Learn about various types of animation and break down the different scoring techniques used over the nearly hundred-year history of features, shorts, television series, and anime.



Other Class Electives

Jazz Ensemble – Rehearse on the standard instruments of a jazz band. Enrollment may be limited based on the number of students who apply. This is a rehearsal/performance class with a final concert scheduled for Saturday, June 22.

Musical Theatre – Rehearse show-style singing and movement. This is a rehearsal/performance class with a final concert scheduled for Saturday, June 22.

Jazz Styles – This class introduces practical skills needed for jazz ensemble participation including jazz rhythms, blues scales, and beginning improvisation. This is an excellent class if you are new to jazz, have not yet experienced playing in a jazz ensemble, and want to learn some fundamentals. Students are grouped by instrument type (brass, woodwinds, strings).

Jazz Drum Set (percussionists only) – Learn a range of strategies to improve your set drumming and rhythm skills.

Brazilian Percussion (percussionists only) – In this class, we will explore the vast array of drumming styles from Brazil, including the Samba from Rio de Janeiro’s Carnaval parades. Each student will get the opportunity to try all of the traditional Brazilian drums and their specific techniques. We will also work on ways to adapt some of the rhythms and techniques to the more common marching percussion instruments of North America.

Classical Guitar – In a group lesson format, work on essential skills for playing classical guitar including tone production, posture, and practice and performance tips. Students should have had at least one year of guitar-playing experience and needs to have their own classical (nylon-string) guitar.

The Power of Improvisation – Learning how to improvise is not just for musicians, but a life skill. Unlock your creativity in new ways through free play, theatre games, jam sessions, and more. (Although use of improv in jazz may be covered, this is not a jazz improvisation class.)

Theory – To understand music theory is to understand the building blocks of all the music you play and sing. This class will cover the fundamentals you need to know to support your development as a musician.

Sample Daily Schedule


7am Breakfast (residential campers only)
8am Band, orchestra, and choir rehearsal
9:05am Notes & Beyond or Songwriting for choir students;
Choir for Instrumentalists or Music in Animation for band and orchestra students
10:10am Sectional rehearsal
11:15am Arts in Performance


12:05pm Lunch for all campers
1:20pm Band, orchestra, and choir rehearsal
2:25pm Group learning by instrument or voice part
3:30pm Class elective
4:30pm Pickup time for commuter campers,
Recreational activities with counseling staff
5pm Dinner


6pm Recreational activities with counseling staff
7:15pm Daily floor meeting and counselor check-in
8pm Evening concerts
9:30pm Counselor check-in at dormitory
10pm Lights out

Young theatre group